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Membership Contact Centre

13 18 75
New Zealand
0800 230 875
Other international locations
+61 2 8667 5924
Current Membership Contact Centre opening hours:

Membership Enquiries
0800 - 2000 AEDT Monday to Friday

Flight Redemptions
0800 - 2000 AEDT Monday to Friday
0900 - 1800 AEDT Saturday and Sunday


Member feedback form

Velocity Frequent Flyer

At Velocity we are committed to providing outstanding customer service and exceeding your expectations. If there is any way in which you feel we can improve our service, we’d love to hear from you. You can do this by completing the Comments and Feedback form below. All responses will be handled as per our Customer Feedback Process.

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Virgin Australia

If your complaint or compliment relates to a flown Virgin Australia flight, please use the Virgin Australia feedback form.

How to guides

These handy guides explain the most important functions of our website. Whether you're looking for information on how to pay for a booking using Velocity Points, claim missing Points, update your details, or transfer points from a partner rewards program to Velocity, we'll have a guide to help you better understand the process involved.  

Need to update your name in your Velocity Account?
Please email a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce document, deed poll certificate or reasonable supporting documentation to the (based on your current Velocity membership level) platinum@velocityfrequentflyer.com, gold@velocityfrequentflyer.com, silver@velocityfrequentflyer.com or red@velocityfrequentflyer.com

Velocity membership cards

Request a card

Red and Silver Velocity members no longer need a physical Velocity card to earn Points and access Velocity member benefits. To spare the environment (and your wallet) from another piece of plastic, we've gone digital. Introducing the My Velocity card.

You can interact with your My Velocity Card via the Velocity App, which is downloadable for both Android and Apple devices.

Alternatively, visit the Digital Card webpage, where you can add your My Velocity card straight to your wallet.

If you are a Gold or Platinum member you can request a new or replacement card online to be sent to the address in your Velocity Account, by simply logging in to your Velocity account, visiting the "Order Card page and confirming that your nominated postal address is correct.  Your card request will be automatically processed and your card sent to the nominated address.

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