Earn Points and Status Credits with PNG Air

Velocity is proud to partner with PNG Air of Papua New Guinea.

Our partnership allows you to earn Velocity Points and Status Credits when flying with a CG flight number on a Virgin Australia operated flight.

Velocity Points & Status Credits cannot be earned on:​​​​
- Reward Seat bookings
- Fare classes other than as specified below
- Codeshare flights (any flight with a CG flight number that is operated by an airline other than Virgin Australia).
- Upgraded fares: Members travelling on upgraded fares that were purchased with Points or by bidding for an upgrade will earn as per the rules of the original fare class purchased.

How many Status Credits will I earn?

Earn Status Credits when you travel in an eligible class on Virgin Australia operated flights, with a CG flight number. The Status Credits you earn will depend on where you fly and fare purchased.

Status Credits are not earned on flights operated by PNG Air.

What is an CG flight number?  A CG flight number is a flight where the marketing carrier is PNG Air. Your flight number will be listed as CG followed by a set of numbers (e.g. CG 5001). You can book a flight with an CG flight number on the PNG Air website.

One-way miles (Zone) Deep Discounted Economy Discounted Economy Economy Business Class
0 - 750 (1) 10 15 25 40
751 - 1,700 (2) 20 25 40 80
1,701 - 2,500 (3) 25 35 50 100
2,501+ (4) 30 45 60 120

Eligible fare classes for Deep Discounted Economy are B
Eligible fare classes for Discounted Economy are T and V.
Eligible fare classes for Economy are Flexi Q and L.
Eligible fare classes for Business Class are J and D.

How many Points will I earn?

Earn Points per mile flown when you travel in an eligible class on Virgin Australia operated flights with a CG flight number1.

The number of Velocity Points you earn is based on the fare class and the number of miles you are traveling, so the higher your fare class, the more Points you earn.

Fare type PNG Air (CG) Fare Class Points Earn Rate Per Mile

Business Class

J, D

2 Velocity Points


Q, L

1 Velocity Point

Discounted Economy

T, V

0.5 Velocity Point

Deep Discounted Economy


0.5 Velocity Point

Claim missing Points

To ensure you automatically earn Velocity Points on your eligible travel, add your Velocity membership number to your booking prior to travel. You can add your Velocity membership number when you book your flight or call the airline directly to get it added to your booking or present your Velocity membership card at check-in.

It can take up to 4 weeks after your flight for your Points and Status Credits to be added to your Account. 

Flown recently and missing some Points?

If your Points have not been credited after 30 days, or if you forgot to add your Velocity membership number prior to travelling, you can submit a missing Points claim by logging into your Velocity Account and following the steps provided.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Earn rates are correct as at 29 August 2019 and are subject to change. Flights are governed by the operating carrier's terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the operating carrier's websites. Members travelling on Upgraded fares purchased with Points or any other subsidised means of Upgrades on Virgin Australia or our partner airlines will earn Points based on originally purchased fare classes. Check the Velocity Terms and Conditions for details about earning Points.