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Convert your everyday spend into Velocity Points

Transfer your existing Citi reward Points from your eligible Citi credit card straight into your Velocity account. You can choose to transfer your Citi reward Points anytime, or you can set up Autosweep and automatically transfer your total Citi reward Points balance to Velocity every month.


Transfer your Citi reward Points to Velocity Points

Citi Transfer Rates
2 Citi reward Points = 1 Velocity Point for Citi Prestige and Citi Premier credit cards

2.5 Citi reward Points = 1 Velocity Point for Citi Rewards, Citi Classic and Citi Gold credit cards

(Minimum of 2,000 Citi reward Points is required to transfer).

Transfer now

Eligible Cards

Take a look at our credit card options below. If your card is listed, you can transfer your existing Citi reward Points to your Velocity account today.

  • Citi Prestige
  • Citi Premier
  • Citi Rewards
  • Citi Classic
  • Citi Gold

How to transfer

You can convert the Points earned on your eligible Citi credit cards to Velocity Points via your Citi account.

  • Log in to Citi online
  • Select Rewards, then Redeem Now
  • Head to the Travel menu and select Points Transfer
  • Find Velocity Frequent Flyer and select Transfer Now
  • Select the number of points you’d like to move, & enter your Velocity number
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions, hit Continue, then review & confirm

How to set up Autosweep

Set up Autosweep to automatically transfer your total Citi reward Points balance to your nominated Velocity account on the same day every month.

  • Transfer your Points at
  • On the Points Transfer page, select Velocity Frequent Flyer for Points Autosweep
  • Select the option to Opt in for Points Autosweep
  • Enter your Velocity membership number
  • Nominate the day of the month you want the Points Autosweep to transfer your available Points over to your Velocity account
  • Confirm and accept the terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Points Transfer: 

The earning and redemption of Citi rewards Points is subject to the Citi Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. Minimum of 2,000 Citi rewards Points per transfer applies. To redeem Citi reward Points for Velocity Points, individuals must be a Velocity Member and advise Citi of their Velocity Frequent Flyer membership number prior to redemption. Membership of Velocity is the Cardholder's responsibility and is subject to the Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time, available at The redemption of Citi reward Points will be administered solely by Citi and may take up to 14 days to transfer into the Velocity Membership Account. Once Citi reward Points have been redeemed for Velocity Points, they are governed by the Velocity Membership Terms & Conditions and cannot be changed, cancelled or reversed.


These terms should be read together with your Citi credit card rewards terms and conditions. 
You must accept these Points Autosweep Terms and Conditions in order to automatically transfer your available Points balance each month to your nominated participating loyalty program (Loyalty Program).
The nominated Loyalty Program account that you choose to transfer your available points must be under your name. You must provide the correct details of your Loyalty Program account number in order for us to successfully transfer the points to the Loyalty Program.
By opting in for Points Autosweep, the transferred Citi Rewards Points will be deducted from your Rewards Balance, on the nominated date of each month, provided you meet the minimum points requirement for that Loyalty Program. Points will be redeemed at the conversion rate that has been disclosed to you.
Any actioned Points Autosweep is final and may not be cancelled, reversed or changed.
The applicable rewards currency will be posted to your nominated Loyalty Program account after the completion of the Autosweep redemption. It may take up to 28 business days for the applicable rewards currency to appear in your Loyalty Program membership account.
You may choose to opt out of Points Autosweep by clicking the “Remove” option. This opt out has to be done before your nominated day for Points Autosweep. If you opt out of Points Autosweep, your Points will no longer automatically transfer to your nominated Loyalty Program.
We may change the Autosweep redemption terms including participation of Loyalty Program providers, benefits, conditions of participation or Points/mileage levels (if applicable), in whole or in part, at any time. We will notify of any changes in accordance with your Citibank Rewards Terms and Conditions.
We are not responsible for the participating Loyalty Programs. We make no representations regarding any goods or services provided by the Loyalty Programs.