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Convert your everyday spend into Velocity Points

Transferring your Diners Club Reward Points into Velocity Points

You can transfer your existing Diners Club Reward Points from your eligible Diners Club charge card straight into your Velocity account.

Diners Club Transfer Rate
1 Diners Club Reward Points = 1 Velocity Point
(Diners Club Reward Points must be in blocks of 7,500 Diners Club Reward Points).

Eligible Cards

If your card is listed, you can transfer your existing Diners Club Reward Points to your Velocity account today.

  • Diners Club Australia

How to transfer

You can convert the points earned on your eligible Diners Club charge cards to Velocity Points via your Diners Club account.

  • Log in to Diners Club Account
  • Select Rewards, then Redeem Now
  • Head to the Points Transfer menu
  • Find Velocity Frequent Flyer and select Transfer Now
  • Select the number of points you’d like to move & enter your Velocity number
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and hit Transfer Points, then review & confirm
Terms & Conditions:
The earning and redemption of Diners Club Reward points (including available rewards and expiry of points) is subject to the Diners Club Rewards Terms & Conditions. Conversions from Diners Club Reward points must be in blocks of 7,500 Diners Club Reward points. Diners Club Reward points transferred to Velocity will take between 2-5 business days to transfer into the Velocity Membership Account. To redeem your Diners Club Reward points for Velocity Points please: (1) Call Diners Club Customer Service on 1300 360 060 to register your Velocity Membership Number (only required the first time). (2) Go online at www.dinersclub.com.au to transfer your points, or call the Diners Club Rewards Centre on 1300 360 060. All Velocity Points redemptions with Velocity Frequent Flyer are subject to availability which may be limited and are subject to Velocity Membership Terms & Conditions. To redeem credit card reward points for Velocity Points, individuals must be a Velocity Member. Membership of Velocity is the cardholder’s responsibility and is subject to the Velocity Membership Terms & Conditions as amended from time to time, available at Velocity website. The redemption of credit card reward points will be administered solely by the credit card reward program and can take up to 5 business days to be credited to your Velocity Account. Once credit card reward points have been redeemed for Velocity Points, they are governed by the Velocity Membership Terms & Conditions and cannot be reversed.