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Earning Points with Ola

Ola is a better value way to ride. Whether you’re heading to the airport, for a night out, or you're running late for work, Ola will get you there. Get Ola for iPhoneTM and AndroidTM

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Red members will earn 4 Points per $1 spent, Silver members 4.5 Points per $1 spent, Gold members 5.25 Points per $1 spent, and Platinum members 6 Points per $1 spent

How many Points will I earn?

 Earn from 2 Points per $1 spent on eligible rides to and from selected airports*

 Earn 1 Point per $1 spent on all other Ola rides*

 You'll earn even more if you're a Silver, Gold or Platinum Velocity member*

How to earn Points with Ola

  • Register - Download and open the Ola app for Apple or Android
  • Link your account - Enter your profile by selecting your name at the top of the menu
  • Choose Velocity - Select 'Velocity Frequent Flyer account'
  • Enter your details - Enter your details and tap 'Link Account'
  • To earn Velocity Points with Ola, you must link your Velocity membership number in the Ola app before your trip commences. Once linked, you will earn Velocity Points on eligible rides:

    • In the Ola app menu, tap on your name to visit Your account.
    • Tap on Velocity Frequent Flyer account in Ride Settings.
    • Enter your Name and Velocity membership number as per your Velocity account.
    • Tap on the Link Account button to link your Velocity account with your Ola account.

    If the details you entered are correct, your accounts will now be linked and you will earn Points on your next eligible Ola ride.

Ready to earn?

Download Ola, link your accounts and start earning today.

*Terms & Conditions:

1. Velocity members will earn 2 Velocity Points for every $1 AUD spent on Ola Airport Rides and 1 Velocity Point for every $1 AUD spent on all other Ola rides. To be eligible for Velocity Points, members must:

  • successfully download the Ola app (on Apple or Android devices), register as an Ola user or already be a registered Ola user;
  • be a current Velocity member or join Velocity;
  • enter a valid Velocity membership number in the “My Profile” section of the app to ensure their Velocity and Ola accounts are linked; and
  • book and complete Ola rides.

Silver, Gold and Platinum Velocity Members will earn bonus Velocity Points spent on Ola Airport Rides on top of the base Velocity Points earned, at the rates of 50%, 75% and 100% respectively.

Silver Velocity Members will earn 3 Velocity Points for every $1 AUD spent, Gold Velocity Members will earn 3.5 Velocity Points for every $1 AUD spent and Platinum Velocity Members will earn 4 Velocity Points for every $1 AUD spent on Ola Airport Rides.

2. A valid Velocity membership number must be successfully linked to an Ola account prior to booking a ride for the member to earn Velocity Points on that ride. Only the person who makes the booking is eligible to earn Velocity Points and the member’s first and last name from their Velocity Account must match the account name registered with Ola.

3.  Velocity Points will be earned on the amount of fare payable by the member for the relevant Ola ride exclusive of GST, tolls, airport fees or other third party charges and any other discounts or promotions applied to the Ola ride, and where the amount of fare has been refunded to you. 

4. Velocity Points for Ola Airport Rides and all other Ola rides will be allocated within 14 days of successful payment of each ride. 

5. If you are a tiered Velocity member, a new Ola customer and take your first ride to the airport, your tiered bonus points will be applied within 30 days of successful payment of each ride. 

6. An Ola Airport Ride means any Ola ride taken by you to or from any eligible airport.

7. To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Velocity membership Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.

8. Ola booking Terms and Conditions apply to all rides.