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they earn Points everywhere and promoted Velocity







see how our top #earnbassadors are earning Points

These Earnbassadors are earning Velocity Points to travel the world. Check out their stories and get inspired to become an #earnbassador.

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This is Jules and Josie. They earn Points through flights and hotel bookings, and promote Velocity while they're at it. Next stop? Broome.

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This is Russell. Russell earns Points on purchases and promotes Velocity. He’s currently planning a trip to Paris.

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This is Simone and Layla. Simone is a savvy shopper, both in-store and online and is no stranger to bonus Point promotions. She’s planning a family holiday this year.

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Meet Coral and Joe. This duo earn Points on their car constantly and promote Velocity. They’ll be on their way to Bali later this year. 

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This is Sarah. Sarah earns Points travelling for work and she promotes Velocity. Now she’s planning on traveling some more (for fun).

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Check out some of our favourite #earnbassador winners

@kndis got creative and showed where your Points could take you. A lot of places, clearly!

Transfer your points from participating partners to Velocity, like @martinwatego!

@d_adventurous_soul got serious about earning Points, and look where it got him.

How @amazingbigcities used everyday transactions to earn enough Points for a special trip back to Russia.

@po_cheung_ig earned a whole lot of Points to take him to Hong Kong to see his dad. We’re not crying, you are.

@martinwatego laid out plenty of good reasons to download the Velocity app!