It’s the great seat showdown!

Who's the winner? Well, you, really.

We want to introduce two of our very special seat types.

In one corner, we have Velocity’s Reward Seat and, in the other, Velocity’s Any Seat. Both of these seats can be booked with Velocity Points (which you can earn doing almost anything), and when you board the plane and sit down, these seats look the same, feel the same and, well… they are the same.

While the differences between Reward Seats and Any Seats might not be immediately obvious, there are some key differences when it comes to using your Velocity Points to book them, so we’ve organised the Great Seat Showdown to explain.

Corner one: The Reward Seat

Our Reward Seats represent excellent value for our Velocity members (you!), with a low Velocity Points price and award-winning availability (literally, we’ve won an award for it five years in a row^). This means you can get to where you’re going using fewer Velocity Points – for reference, our Reward Seats start from 6,200 Velocity Points plus taxes, carrier charges and applicable fees. Just note that you can’t earn Velocity Points or Status Credits on your Reward Seat booking.

Reward Seats include everything you expect from a Virgin Australia flight – award-winning service, complimentary food and beverage, in-flight entertainment and checked baggage – so you can get to where you’re going in complete comfort, with that smug satisfaction that you’ve scored a great deal. Reward Seats come in both Economy and Business options; depending on how fancy you’re feeling.

Corner two: The Any Seat

If a Reward Seat is our best value choice for Velocity members, Any Seat is the easiest to book as it’s always available (as long as there is a seat on the plane of course). It’s like the shape-shifter of the Velocity seating world – it can be whatever you want it to be (in seat form).

If you need to catch a specific flight and can’t find the Reward Seat you want, you can book an Any Seat, (providing, of course, the flight isn’t sold out). Booking an Any Seat will require more of your Velocity Points overall (or you can choose Points + Pay and just fork out the minimum of 2,500 Velocity Points per person, per sector), but it means you can secure your spot on the flight you need to catch.

On top of that, Any Seats earn you Velocity Points, Status Credits, and are Eligible Sectors, so you can keep stacking your membership balances while enjoying the freedom of choice.  

And the winner is...

This is our favourite part – they’re both winners! The ‘winning’ seat for you is entirely dependent on your personal preferences and requirements for the flight you want to book.

If you have a hectic, fast-moving schedule where appointments can change and hot-shot meetings can come out of nowhere, you might enjoy the flexibility of Any Seat. If you know your travel plans are very unlikely to change and you want to hang on to as many Velocity Points as you can, a Reward Seat might be your winner. If you don’t need the flexibility, but you still have a load of Velocity Points to use and want to keep earning those Status Credits, Any Seat might fit the bill.

The good thing is, whatever your situation, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a seat that suits you. Win-win.

Here's the legal stuff you might want to know

The Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply. ^Awarded Best Redemption Ability in Middle East & Asia/Oceanic region Airline category at Freddie Awards 2013-2017. *The Points prices displayed are correct as at 5 June 2023 and are subject to change. Fares are subject to availability, and seats are limited and may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Redemption bookings are based on a one-way Economy Reward Seat and must be booked via the Velocity website. Plus taxes, carrier charges and applicable fees are payable at the time of booking and will vary depending on carrier, city pair, fare class date and time of booking. All payments made on the internet or on the phone via debit/credit card are subject to a payment surcharge between 0.6% to 1.3% of the total value of the card transaction (capped at $40 for domestic and $70 for international, per passenger per booking). Full terms and conditions at