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Family Pooling is an exclusive Velocity benefit that allows members to pool either their Points or Points and Status Credits with family members living at the same address. When you sign up for Family Pooling, you’re working together to accrue all the family’s Velocity Points and or Status Credits into one family member’s account, helping you to reach your Points and Status goals sooner.

  • Fast track your Velocity balance

    Fast track your Velocity balance

    Family Pooling is the best way to fast-track your Points and Status Credit balance

  • Pool up to 6 family members

    Pool up to 6 family members

    A family pool can consist of a max of 6 family members living at the same address*

  • Add or remove members

    Add or remove members

    Manage your Family Pooling online. You can start or stop contributing to a Family Pool at any time.

  • Reward yourself with Points

    Reward yourself with Points

    Use your Points on Reward Seats, at the Velocity Reward store or the Velocity Wine Store.

How it works

As a first step, decide which family member will collect the Points and Status Credits. This person is known as the beneficiary.

The other members of the family are known as the contributors. A contributing account member can start or stop contributing to a Family Pool at any time by logging in to your Velocity account and adjusting your Family Pooling settings. As a contributor, only Points and Status Credits earned after setting up Family Pooling in your Velocity account will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account.

A Family Pool can consist of a maximum of six family members (including the beneficiary) living at the same address and a maximum of 2 adults (18 years or older). If a third Family Pool member turns 18, they’ll be automatically removed from the Family Pool.

What a Family Pool could look like

A family of 4 taking a flight from Sydney to Perth would earn: 

  • 240 Status Credits (4 X 60 Status Credits)
  • 9,200 Points (4 X 2,300 Points)

Based on flying return from Sydney to Perth and earning 60 Status Credits and 2,300 Velocity Points on an Economy Choice fare for $460 per person*.

With just one return trip the beneficiary of the Family Pool would have earned enough Points to book a one way Reward flight and almost earn Silver Status. Silver Status is awarded after earning 250 Status Credits and flying 2 eligible sectors.

*Fare example, as at 21 September 2021.

 You must set up Family Points Pooling before your family members earn Velocity Points and Status Credits as pooling is not backdated (i.e., any existing Velocity Points and Status Credits already in your family members’ accounts will not be transferred after you set up Family Pooling).

How to set up family Points Pooling

  • Decide who will be the beneficiary of the Points or the Points and Status Credits and grab their Velocity membership number.
  • Log into your Velocity account and navigate to Family Pooling in to My Velocity.
  • Follow the three easy prompts to confirm the details of your Family Pooling. It’s so easy to do; even a kid could set it up!

Family Points transfers

Share the love with Points

Transfer Points from your Velocity account to the account of an eligible family member up to four times per membership year. You can transfer between 5,000 and 125,000 Points each time.

Parental pause for parental leave

Expecting a new addition to your family?

You can pause your Platinum, Gold or Silver membership for six months and pick up where you left off with your membership level intact.

Membership Pause applies to the membership level and does not apply to Points and Status Credits.

Members who are approved for Membership Pause can continue to earn and redeem Points and Status Credits, and existing Status Credits will continue to be removed from their membership account, once Status Credits reach their 12 month validity.

All members are entitled to apply for a Membership Pause for Parental Leave once for each child, up until that child reaches the age of two years. There may be up to two member parents on Membership Pause for Parental Leave, for the same child, at any one time.

See Membership Pause for Parental Leave Terms and Conditions.


To apply for a Membership Pause, members should call the Membership Contact Centre and may be required to provide documentation of pregnancy, recent or future child birth or adoption of a child in the form of a doctor's certificate; a birth certificate; or an adoption or foster parent registration.

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Additional Family Benefits

With Guaranteed Economy Reward Seats for an Annual Family Trips, Companion Gold and Platinum Memberships and Family-friendly Lounge Access theres even more family benefits to be had with Status.

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