Flight upgrades

After a little extra luxury? Use your Velocity Points to upgrade on Virgin Australia flights.

Virgin Australia’s Premium and Business Class offer an all-inclusive flight experience, with Priority services and complimentary in-flight benefits.

There are three simple ways you can request an upgrade1 - with UpgradeMe Points, UpgradeMe Platinum member offer, or with UpgradeMe Premium Bid

UpgradeMe Points

If you’re a Velocity member travelling in an eligible fare class, you can upgrade on Virgin Australia Domestic or International Short Haul flights. Gold and Platinum members can also upgrade on Virgin Australia International Long Haul flights.

Upgrade on Virgin Australia Domestic Flights

Domestic flights

Upgrade on Virgin Australia International Short Haul Flights

short haul

Upgrade on Virgin Australia International Long Haul Flights

long haul


If you’re a Velocity Platinum member travelling on a Freedom fare class, you can use Velocity Points or one of your four complimentary upgrade credits2 to request an upgrade to Business Class when travelling on Virgin Australia Domestic or International Short Haul flights.

Female Virgin Australia cabin crew serving food to a man in The Business

How to upgrade using UpgradeMe Platinum Member Offer

  • Request an upgrade by contacting the Membership Contact Centre at least two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
  • Alternatively, for Australia Domestic services operated by Virgin Australia, Platinum members can request any same day upgrade at the Virgin Australia lounge3. Requests close 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. 
  • If departing from Hobart, you can request an upgrade on Domestic services at Priority check-in from 90 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Requests close 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. 
  • Complimentary fare upgrades can also be used for accompanying guests travelling on the same flight, subject to availability.

UpgradeMe premium bid

If you’re a guest travelling on a Virgin Australia flight and ticket number, you may be eligible to bid for an Upgrade to a higher cabin on eligible Domestic and International services. You will be notified by email about the success of your offer(s) at least 12 hours prior to your flight departure time. 

Female Virgin Australia cabin crew serving wine to woman in The Business


Step 1: Check fare eligibility

Step 2: Once fare eligibility is confirmed, make an offer to upgrade 
Determine the amount you are willing to pay to upgrade. Offers must be made per flight sector (i.e. Brisbane to Ayers Rock consists of two sectors: Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Ayers Rock). Pricing is displayed per passenger – for all passengers listed on the booking.

Step 3: Enter payment details 
Enter your payment card details to allow payment if your offer is successful (unsuccessful offers will not be billed).

Step 4: Review and submit
Review your information and submit your offer.

Step 5: Notification of upgrade 
You will be emailed about the success of your offer no later than one day prior to departure.

check fare eligibility


Buy Points with Points Booster and get there sooner. T&Cs apply


  • 1. All upgrades are subject to Premium Economy or Business Class Reward Seat availability and to an Upgrade Cancellation and Amendment Policy. View Flight Upgrades Using Points Terms and Conditions.

    2. All flight upgrades using complimentary fare upgrades are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions.

    3. In certain operational circumstances Virgin Australia Lounges may not be able to accept upgrade requests for departure from other airports. To be eligible for upgrades, all flights must be marketed and operated by Virgin Australia, and issued on Virgin Australia ticket stock (featuring a ticket number beginning with “795”). For operational reasons not all Business Class seats are made available for upgrades. This means that there may still be empty seats on departure.

    4. Purchasing Points with Velocity Points Booster is facilitated by Points Inc.
    Purchasing Points is subject to the membership Terms and Conditions. Prices are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST. The applicable price will be the price published at the time of purchase and is subject to change without notice. Purchased Points are non-refundable (subject to your statutory rights). Points Booster transactions are processed outside of Australia. You are responsible for any additional fees charged by your financial institution in connection with your Points Booster transaction. The purchase of Points does not guarantee the availability of your desired reward. If you have any enquiries in relation to Points Booster, please contact the Membership Contact Centre.